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Space is at the heart of modern economies and protecting life on earth driven by society, technology, government and business. STELLAR SPACE specialises in Marketing, Public Relations & Business Strategy focused on your objectives and ambitions.

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The space sector is undergoing rapid, transformative changes.

Investing in marketing is investing in your business, it is the best means to increase your profile and chances of success in the fast growth space sector.

Connectivity and data, satellites and launch

Space used to be synonymous with governments, aerospace and defense, with enormous risks and costs. Today, innovation and technology and an entrepreneurial spirit is shaping a new commercial global space economy. There is unprecedented demand for connectivity and data, and new markets for satellite-enabled services. Constellations of thousands of satellites are being launched, spaceports are being planned and built, new vertical and horizontal launch operators, space tourism, robotic servicing spacecraft for satellites and clearing space debris.

The new commercial global space economy

The new commercially orientated global space economy is estimated at $370bn in 2021 and to rise by 74% by 2030 to reach $642bn. There are currently an estimated 6,500 operational satellites in orbit. From 2022 to 2030 it is anticipated 2,500 satellites will be launched on average every year, with over 30,000 satellites in orbit (Euroconsult Research).

Space technology and the UK vision

In the UK space technology underpins £360bn of UK economic activity and is estimated at £16.4bn in value per year, employing 45,000 people. The UK’s vision is to build one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world (UK Space Agency). The UK space ecosystem is highly inter-connected across government, academia, trade organisations and business with multiple space hubs and clusters, across regions.


Marketing inspires your customers, influences stakeholders, engages investors, attracts employees.

STELLAR SPACE delivers strategic communications where the space sector intersects with technology, business, government, academia, society and media.

Marketing Strategy

Stakeholder Engagement

Public Relations

Event Management

Digital & Social Media

Business Development


Marketing raises the profile of your space Technology and Services, builds your network, gives you a competitive advantage.

Space gives new perspectives looking back at earth and out into the universe. STELLAR SPACE gives you new perspectives focused on your objectives and ambitions.


Satellite Manufacturing

Downstream Applications

Launch Services


Business Consulting


Marketing drives awareness of your space Products and Services, builds your reputation and influences buying decisions.

STELLAR SPACE specialises in building a powerful narrative across your communications to inspire and influence audiences. Contact us today to discuss and explore opportunities.

Background and experience

Stellar Space is based in the UK founded by Ben Smith and Andy Oliver, both senior executives with extensive experience in global marketing communications. Ben has been immersed in the world of space for several years as CSO with AstroAgency the global leader in strategic business and marketing consulting for the space industry. Ben has over 25 years’ experience working with WPP and Dentsu with global brands in executive roles, director and board level positions. Andy has 30 years’ experience in professional marketing and communications and specialises in B2B tech, space and satellite communications sectors. Andy has worked extensively across UK and Europe, and been responsible for fast growth businesses in US and APAC, both with independent agencies and WPP.

Space sector clients

Stellar Space experience includes working with the UK Space Agency, Satellite Applications Catapult, UK Space Clusters, STFC RAL, spaceports, launch services, accelerator and investment programmes, attending international space events and a wide range of clients across space sector including start-ups, entrepreneurs, academia and business. Stellar Space is part of the UK Space Agency Accelerator programme designed to support fast growth entrepreneurs and start-ups, and is one of 15 companies currently on the Leo Programme with access to a network of industry specialists and technical experts.

Consulting services

Stellar Space is client focused, specialising in strategic Marketing and Public Relations consulting services. We provide solutions and expertise to support our clients, recognising the importance of building trusted relationships. Our network includes space industry experts, tech specialists, media, government, industry bodies and business contacts across the space industry.

Stellar Space operates on a daily rate or project fee, according to each client’s budget, priorities, resources and timescales.


“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” Professor Stephen Hawking.

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